Augeo Finance

First Community Driven
Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding Protocol with BUSD Reflection

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High Fixed APY , Rebase Every 15 Minutes , Auto Burn Mechanism
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How it Works

Augeo investors earn a compounding interest
increasing their stack every 15 Minutes.

Auto Rebase

Augeo holders are rewarded with a compound interest of 2,26% per day, increasing their stack Automatically.

Auto Burn Mechanism

Augeo maintains stability by reducing the circulating supply, 2,5% are burnt on every trade.

BUSD Reflection

Augeo Holders automatically receive a percentage of the trade volume in their wallet every 1 hour

Augeo Protocol


Auto Liquidity Pool 2,0%
Pipeline Distributor Fund 9%
Augeo Treasury Fund 4,5%
Infero Burn Mechanism 2,5%

🟩 Buy Fees: 16%      🟥 Sell Fees: 18%

Augeo Treasury

Trading fees goes directly to the treasury which supports the Pipeline Distributor in the event of an extreme price drop, and provides a marketing budget for Augeo and funds for new features development.

Pipeline Distributor

Trading fees are stored in the Pipeline Distributor Fund, serves as an BUSD Reflection to holders to achieve most profitable, stability and longterm sustainability.

Auto Liquidity Pool

Trading fees goes to backing the liquidity of the BNB/AUGEO pair on PancakeSwap ensuring an increasing collateral value of AUGEO Token.

Frequently Asked Questions?

First, you need to send BNB to your Wallet (we recommend using Metamask Wallet).

Once the BNB are in your wallet, go to PancakeSwap and make sure you always use the correct contract address:

BUSD rewards are distributed in batches every hour, if you have less than 1BUSD Stored in Pipeline, it will be distributed in the next batch. You can claim it manually, but you will have to pay the gas fees.

Make sure you are connected with wallet where you have Augeo Tokens and clear your browser cache.
If you use a mobile, you must use the built-in browser of your wallet app.

Yes, all BUSD are directly stacked in your wallet. Proceeding to buy back tokens with your BUSD, will increase your stack, but will contribute to a better price stability of Augeo

Competitive Advantages

16% - 18%
14% - 16%
13% - 18%
Community Driven
Dual Rewards (BUSD)
Auto Burn
Sustainable Rebasing
Insurance Fund
Auto Liquidity
Auto Stacking
Fees Hard Coded
Auto Staking Hard Coded
Rug-Proof: No Minting Code
Rug-Proof: No Manual Adjusting
Rug-Proof: Fixed Rebase Time
Rug-Proof: Liquidity Locked
Manual Token Buyback

Augeo Chart